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l <br />u 110M y <br />PRINCF, WILLIAM COUNTY, VIRGINIA <br />BOARD OF COUNTY SUPERVISORS <br />Hon. Joseph D. Reading, Chairman <br />Hon. Kathleen K. Seefeldt, Vice Chairman I Ion. Donald G- Kidwell <br />lion. Guy A. GuiffrC Mon. Edwin C. King <br />lion. John D. Jenkins I Ion. G. Richard Pfitzrier <br />Rocrt S. Noe, Jr. County Executive <br />BOARD CHAMBER <br />LEGISLATIVE LUNCHEON <br />PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE <br />COUNTY OF•PRINCE WILLIAM <br />BOARD OF COUNTY SUPERVISORS <br />BRIEF <br />D D <br />a <br />Z <br />PRINCE WILLIAM, VIRGINIA <br />JANUARY 5, 1988 <br />11:30 AM <br />2:00 PM <br />INVOCATION <br />Reverend Larry D. Clark <br />Associate Pastor, Bethel United Methodist Church <br />ELECTION OF OFFICERS <br />x"88 -01 Motion to close nominations for Chairman to the Board <br />position for 1988. J,Sp Unan <br />FB- ,88 -02 Elected Supervisor Seefeldt - Chairman to the Board <br />for 1988. J,Sp pass -Se <br />R433 88 -03 Motion to close nominations for Vice Chairman to the <br />Board position for 1988. Bg,C pass -J <br />RE3"88 -04 Elected Supervisor Jenkins - Vice Chairman to the Board <br />for 1988. Bg,C pass -J <br />CITIZENS' TIME <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />E88 -OS Approved minutes of December 15, 1987, as presented. <br />J,Kg abstain- Bg,Be,C,Sp <br />CONSENT AGENDA Kg,J Unan <br />88 -06 Adopted 1988 meeting schedule. <br />RZ8 -07 Authorized signatures on County checks Finance. <br />removed from Consent Agenda) <br />Transfer - $25,000 - Contract Change Order - Landfill <br />Site Evaluations - Public Works <br />PE-s-°8'8 - 0 8 Approved contract addendum - Debris Landfill siting and <br />Financial Analysis, Completion of Phase I; Phase II Study <br />Public Works.. <br />Rr& 6 8 -09 Authorized public hearing for issuance of quit -claim <br />deed - intersection of Old Bridge and Davis Ford <br />Roads - Planning. <br />J3 _10 Authorized public hearing for proposed 1988 -1994 Six <br />Year Secondary Road Plan - Planning. <br />PAGE 1 OF 6 PAGES