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1 <br />1 <br />MOTION: COVINGTON July 27, 2010 <br />Regular Meeting <br />SECOND: STIRRUP Ord. No. 10 -36 <br />WA <br />ACTION: <br />PROFFER AMENDMENT #PLN2009- 00557, AIRPORT GATEWAY, <br />COMMERCE CENTER I — BRENTSVILLE MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT <br />APPROVED <br />WHEREAS, this is a request to amend proffers for REZ #PLN2002- 00024, to <br />eliminate the development phasing and to modify access to Landbay A. The approximately <br />101.16 -acre site is located on the west side of Route 234 Bypass at its intersection with Clover <br />Hill Road, is identified as GPIN 7694 -87 -5580, is zoned Planned Business District and <br />Industrial /Transportation, and is designed Flexible Use Employment Center & Environmental <br />Resource in the Comprehensive Plan; and <br />WHEREAS, staff has reviewed the subject application and recommends denial, <br />as stated in the staff report and the Planning commission held a public hearing on this item on <br />June 2, 2010, and recommends approval, as stated in Planning Commission Res. No. 10 -090; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, the Board of County Supervisors of Prince William County held a <br />duly advertised public hearing on this item on July 27, 2010, at which the Applicant, County <br />staff, and interested citizens were heard; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED that the Prince William Board of <br />County Supervisors makes the following legislative findings, based on all the information and <br />input provided to it: <br />Approval of the PRA to substantially relax the phasing requirement for <br />the construction of retail, allowing all retail to be developed conditioned <br />only upon the approval of a site plan for 150,000 square feet gfa of non - <br />retail space without changing the overall permitted composition of retail <br />versus nonretail uses in this FEC does not substantially affect the public <br />welfare; and <br />2. Approval of the PRA to allow the Applicant to petition VDOT for <br />permission to construct a temporary direct access to Clover Hill Road <br />from Landbay A, with the Applicant required to remove the access at <br />such time as VDOT constructs the interchange improvement to Clover <br />Hill Road does not substantially affect the public welfare; and <br />