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MOTION° COVINGTON May 17, 2005 <br />Regular Meeting <br />SECOND: CADDIGAN Ord. No. 05-37 <br />RE: REZONING #PLN2004-00385, WENTWORTH GREEN AT VIRGINIA <br />GATEWAY - BRENTSVILLE AND GAINESVILLE MAGISTERIAL <br />DISTRICTS <br />WHEREAS, this is a request to rezone + 139 acres from M-2, Light Industrial, <br />and + 9 acres from M-1, Heavy Industrial, to PMR, Planned Mixed Residential; and <br />WHEREAS, this site lies southeast of the existing Virginia Gateway <br />development, between New Wellington Road and Linton Hall Road, and west of the Hunter <br />assemblage. The site is identified on County maps as GPIN #7397-91-7815 (part), 7396-99- <br />3811 (part), and 7397-72-6796 (part) (formerly 7397-62-4598); and <br />WHEREAS, this site is designated Flexible Employment Center (FEC) in the <br />Comprehensive Plan and has been proposed to be changed to Suburban Residential Medium <br />(SRM) and Public Land (PL) in the companion Comprehensive Plan Amendment #PLN2004- <br />00196; and <br />WHEREAS, staff has reviewed the subject application and recommends <br />approval, as stated in the staff report; and <br />WHEREAS, the Prince William County Planning Commission held a public <br />hearing on this item on April 6, 2005, and recommends approval, as stated in Planning <br />Commission Res. No. 05-040; and <br />WHEREAS, a Board of County Supervisors' public hearing, duly advertised in <br />a local newspaper for two weeks, was held on May 17, 2005, and interested parties were heard; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, the general welfare and good planning practice are served by the <br />approval of this application; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED that the Prince William Board of <br />County Supervisors does hereby approve Rezoning #PLN2004-00385, Wentworth Green at <br />Virginia Gateway, subject to the proffers dated May 13, 2005, and subject to approval of <br />companion CPA #PLN2004-00196; and <br />