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June 6, 2006 <br />Regular Meeting <br />SECOND: CARDIGAN Ord. No. 06-54 <br />RE: ADOPTION OF AMENDMENTS TO SECTION 25 OF THE PRINCE <br />WILLIAM COUNTY CODE — SUBDIVISION ORDINANCE - <br />COUNTYWIDE <br />WHEREAS, the Subdivision Ordinance was adopted to clearly establish the <br />procedures that must be followed in order to subdivide land in Prince William County; and <br />WHEREAS, amendments to the Prince William County Design and <br />Construction Standards Manual (DCSM) require corresponding amendments to the Subdivision <br />Ordinance; and <br />WHEREAS, amendments to subdivision submission and approval process is <br />necessary for orderly development in the County; and <br />WHEREAS, the Prince William County Planning Commission, after holding a <br />series of work sessions, held public hearings on the amendments on October 26, 2005 and <br />November 9, 2005 and recommended approval of the proposed amendments; and <br />WHEREAS, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors duly advertised <br />for a period of two weeks and held a public hearing on May 2, 2006 where public testimony <br />was received; and <br />WHEREAS, the Prince William Board of County' Supervisors closed the public <br />hearing and deferred action until the June 6, 2006 public hearing; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED that the Prince William Board of <br />County Supervisors does hereby adopt amendments to Section 25 of the Prince William County <br />Code (Subdivision Ordinance), as attached, effective August 5, 2006 and applicable to all first <br />submissions of subdivision plans and plats, with the following change: <br />Section 25-2, reinstate the language that exempts subdivisions that results in <br />parcels/lots of 10 acres or more from compliance with the subdivision ordinance. Revise other <br />sections as necessary to implement this change. <br />Section 25-36, delete reference to the recorded declaration of terms and <br />covenants; <br />Section 25-41, allow sketch plan submission for rural subdivisions and allow the <br />planning director to waive preliminary plan submission in accordance with revised section <br />110.2.2 of the DCSM; <br />