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MOTION: NOHE <br />SECOND: <br />RE: <br />ACTION: <br />COVINGTON <br />May 16, 2006 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Ord. No. 06-52 <br />GRANT OF CABLE TELEVISION FRANCHISE TO VERIZON SOUTH <br />INC. d/b/a VERIZON <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 5.6-3 of the Prince William County Cable <br />Ordinance, no person shall construct, install, maintain, expand, enlarge of otherwise increase, <br />or operate a cable television system through, on, over, or under any public way in the <br />unincorporated area of the County without first having applied for, been granted, and accepted <br />a franchise; and <br />WHEREAS, Verizon South, Inc. (Verizon) would like to operate a cable <br />television system in Prince William County; and <br />WHEREAS, Verizon has asked that it be granted a franchise to operate a cable <br />television system in Prince William County in accordance with the terms of the proposed Cable <br />Television Franchise Agreement attached hereto; and <br />WHEREAS, a public hearing was opened and closed on May 16, 2006 on the <br />issue of whether to grant such a franchise to Verizon; and <br />WHEREAS, notice of such public hearing was published in a newspaper of <br />general circulation in Prince William County on May 2, 2006 and May 9, 2006; and <br />WHEREAS, at such public hearing there was an opportunity to consider <br />economic consideration, the impact on private property rights, the impact on public <br />convenience, the public need and potential benefit, and other relevant factors; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED that the Prince William Board of <br />County Supervisors does hereby find that the public welfare will be enhanced by the grant of <br />the franchise requested by Verizon and it is in the best interest of Prince William County to <br />grant a Cable Franchise to Verizon in accordance with the terms set forth in the proposed Cable <br />Television Franchise Agreement between Prince William County, Virginia and Verizon, <br />attached hereto; <br />BE IT FURTHER ORDAINED that Chairman of the Board is authorized to <br />sign such Cable Television Franchise Agreement and any other documents embodying the <br />terms approved herein on behalf of the Board; <br />