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ITG71 Y (intimmvintwom <br />SECOND: PRINCIPI <br />November 22, 2016 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Ord. No. 16-46 <br />RE: SPECIAL USE PERMIT #PLN2015-00117, MILESTONE — VERIZON <br />WIRELESS @ CHINN PARK LIBRARY — OCCOQUAN MAGISTERIAL <br />DISTRICT <br />VX4 Y Q1k I11Q.ZIiI/-Wi7 <br />WHEREAS, this is a request to allow a Special Use Permit (SUP) for a 107 - <br />foot telecommunications tower facility with fenced equipment compound and two associated <br />setback waivers from adjacent public streets; and <br />WHEREAS, the subject site is located on the east side of Prince William <br />Parkway, near the intersection of Chinn Park Drive and Prince William Parkway; and <br />WHEREAS, the SUP site is identified on County maps as GPIN #8192-69- <br />1530 (portion) and encompasses ±6,768 square feet; and <br />WHEREAS, the site is zoned A-1, Agricultural, and is entirely located within <br />the Prince William Parkway (Suburban) Highway Corridor Overlay District; and <br />WHEREAS, the site is designated P&OS, Parks and Open Space, in the <br />Comprehensive Plan, and is also identified as a "Potential Telecommunications Site'; and <br />WHEREAS, staff has reviewed the subject application and recommends <br />approval, as stated in the staff report; and <br />WHEREAS, the Planning Commission, at its public hearing on <br />September 7, 2016, recommended approval, as stated in Planning Commission Resolution No. <br />16-053; and <br />WHEREAS, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, at its public <br />hearing on October 4, 2016 received citizen testimony, closed the public hearing, and deferred <br />action until November 22, 2016, in order for this special use permit to be concurrently <br />considered with the pending County land lease; and <br />WHEREAS, the applicant agreed to another deferral and provided a letter to <br />extend the review timeframe to November 30, 2016; and <br />WHEREAS, a Board of County Supervisors' public hearing, duly advertised in <br />a local newspaper for a period of two weeks, was held on November 22, 2016, and interested <br />citizens were heard; and <br />