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MOTION: NOHE September 20, 2016 <br />Regular Meeting <br />SECOND: PRINCIPI Ord. No. 16-37 <br />RE: AMEND PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY CODE SECTION 13-7: <br />ENFORCEMENT OF CHAPTER BY LAW ENFORCEMENT <br />OFFICERS; OFFICERS NOT TO BENEFIT FROM FINES OR <br />RECEIVE FEES; CHIEF OF POLICE DELEGATED ABILITY TO <br />ENFORCE PARKING REGULATIONS TO ALLOW PARKING <br />ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS THE AUTHORITY TO WRITE PARKING <br />TICKETS <br />ACTION: APPROVED <br />WHEREAS, from the inception of Parking Enforcement in 1985 until <br />September 15, 2004, select crossing guards and later permanent part-time parking enforcement <br />officers were authorized to write parking tickets under Virginia Code 15.2-1737; and <br />WHEREAS, as of September 15, 2004, Virginia Code 15.2-1737 was replaced <br />by 19.2-13. Special Police and Conservators of the Peace were combined into one designation <br />— Special Conservator of the Peace. At that time, parking enforcement officers were required <br />to become Special Conservators of the Peace in order to maintain their law enforcement <br />authorization; and <br />WHEREAS, in 2015, the state law changed requiring additional training for <br />members designated as unarmed Special Conservators of the Peace. Under the current Police <br />Department structure, Parking Enforcement guards are appointed as Special Conservators of <br />the Peace. That certification will expire on September 20, 2016. Unless the code is amended, <br />their authority to enforce parking violations will also expire on that date; and <br />WHEREAS, Virginia Code 46.2-1220 allows a locality to designate a <br />department, official or employee of the local government to administer and enforce the <br />provisions of the local parking ordinance; and <br />WHEREAS, the amendment to Section 13-7 of the Prince William County <br />Code will authorize the Chief of Police to administer and enforce the parking regulations in the <br />County Code and in addition authorizes the Chief of Police to delegate this ability to any <br />department within the Prince William County Police; and <br />WHEREAS, amending the code will allow Parking Enforcement Officers to <br />patrol residential areas and insure that vehicles on the street are in compliance with inspection <br />and licensing regulations without a Special Conservator of the Peace designation; and <br />