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MOTION: LAWSON <br />SECOND: CADDIGAN <br />RE: <br />ACTION: <br />July 12, 2016 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Ord. No. 16-25 <br />RELOCATE CENTRAL ABSENTEE PRECINCT FROM CENTRAL <br />COMMUNITY LIBRARY TO OLD MANASSAS COURTHOUSE — <br />BRENTSVILLE MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT <br />APPROVED <br />WHEREAS, on January 8, 1980, by Resolution No. 80-1-37, the Prince <br />William Board of County Supervisors established the Central Absentee Precinct (CAP) <br />location at Central Community Library; and <br />WHEREAS, a central absentee voter precinct means a precinct established by a <br />county or city pursuant to Section 24.2-712 for the processing of absentee ballots for the county <br />or city or any combination of precincts within the county or city; and <br />WHEREAS, the current CAP location is discommodious. In preparation for <br />Election Day, numerous ballot trays, supplies, and other pertinent documents must be arranged <br />for delivery; and <br />WHEREAS, regardless of these efforts, several more trips ensue on Election <br />Day, to deliver ballots (those received that morning) and/or documents and supplies, taking a <br />much needed staff member away from the office (on Election Day) for at least an hour or more <br />each time. Mileage reimbursement is an additional concern; and <br />WHEREAS, on May 19, 2016, the Prince William County Electoral Board <br />voted to request the Board of County Supervisors approve the relocation of CAP from the <br />Central Community Library to the Old Manassas Courthouse in the Brentsville Magisterial <br />District; and <br />WHEREAS, on June 13, 2016, Public Works approved the use of the Old <br />Manassas Courthouse as a CAP location; and <br />WHEREAS, the Board of County Supervisors voted on June 21, 2016 by <br />Resolution No. 16-523, to authorize a public hearing to relocate the Central Absentee Precinct <br />from the Central Community Library to the Old Manassas Courthouse in the Brentsville <br />Magisterial District; and <br />WHEREAS, a public hearing has been duly advertised for this purpose and was <br />conducted on July 12, 2016 and all interested citizens were heard; <br />