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MOTION: CADDIGAN June 21, 2016 <br />Regular Meeting <br />SECOND: NOHE Ord. No. 16-23 <br />RE: AMEND CHAPTER 20.4: SECONDHAND <br />MERCHANTS/PAWNBROKERS OF THE PRINCE WILLIAM <br />COUNTY CODE AND CONSIDER AMENDING CHAPTER 20.5: <br />PRECIOUS METALS DEALERS TO ENSURE LANGUAGE IS <br />CONSISTENT WITH PROPOSED NEW CODE SECTION <br />ACTION: APPROVED <br />WHEREAS, individuals seeking to dispose of stolen property continue to find <br />new methods to do so, and as methods evolve, it is imperative that the Police Department has at <br />its disposal all available resources to detect and deter this type of criminal activity; and <br />WHEREAS, currently, County Code does not regulate pawnbrokers and <br />secondhand merchants; and <br />WHEREAS, Virginia Code Section 54.1-4000 et seq. contains a number of <br />laws that regulate the conduct of pawnbrokers. These laws include the requirement for <br />pawnbrokers to obtain a license from the County, limits on chargeable interest rates, the types <br />of records pawnbrokers must keep and a requirement that pawnbrokers admit law enforcement <br />officers to their place of business in order to conduct a warrantless search of business records <br />and seizure of articles known to be missing or stolen; and <br />WHEREAS, a local ordinance would allow the County to further regulate and <br />set provisions for pawnbrokers and secondhand merchants; and <br />WHEREAS, the proposed code section, 20.4: Secondhand <br />Merchants/Pawnbrokers, limits the number of pawn shops permitted in the county to 12, <br />requires that pawnbrokers take digital images of items that do not have serial numbers, <br />maintain those records for 24 months, requires daily records to be submitted to the Police <br />Department electronically, requires that pawnbrokers hold any item for 15 days after purchase, <br />and requires that pawnbrokers hold any item at the request of the Police Department while <br />prohibiting them from disposing of the item without the hold being released by an officer; and <br />WHEREAS, the proposed new code section would also provide a mechanism <br />for the County to issue pawnbroker and secondhand merchant licenses through the Police <br />Department; and <br />