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11-001-Elect Vice-Chairman[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
11-002-Approve December 7 Minutes[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
11-003-Approve December 14 Minutes[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
11-004-Change Office of Information Technology[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
11-005-Auth PH 13403 13405 Jeff Davis Highway[Icon] 4 CXO Documents
11-006-Auth PH 13413 Jeff Davis Highway[Icon] 3 CXO Documents
11-007-Support VA Housing Development Auth Low-Income Housing[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
11-008-Request VDOT Ellis Plantation Subdivision[Icon] 5 CXO Documents
11-009-Request VDOT Barrington Oaks Sect 5[Icon] 4 CXO Documents
11-010-Request VDOT Nicneil Subdivision[Icon] 4 CXO Documents
11-011-Request VDOT Stonewall Manor Section 2[Icon] 4 CXO Documents
11-012-Request VDOT Stonewall Manor Section 3[Icon] 4 CXO Documents
11-013-Request VDOT Stonewall Manor Section 4[Icon] 4 CXO Documents
11-014-Transfer B&A $316,390 Proffer Contributions[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
11-015-B&A $50,000 Stonewall Jackson Volunteer Fire Department[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
11-016-B&A $95,000 OWL Volunteer Fire Department[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
11-017-Transfer B&A $3,587,282 General Fund[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
11-018-School Board Operating Fund Increase[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
11-019-B&A $169,000 Geodetic Monument Fund[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
11-020-Auth Closed Meeting[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
11-021-Appoint Supervisor John Jenkins-President Pro-Tem[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
11-022-Adopt Revised PWC Purchasing Regulations[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
11-023-Auth Environmental Protection Agency Application[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
11-024-Appoint Anthony Arnold-Equalization Board[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
11-025-Appoint Civilian Military Community Relations Council Member[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
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