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96-0001-Nomination- Vice Chairman BOCS 1996[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0002-Appoint-Vice Chairman-BOCS 1996[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0003-Adopt-Rules of Procedure-Board of County Supervisors[Icon] 13 CXO Documents
96-0004-Approve-Minutes-December 19,1995[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0005-Commend-Nelson E. Ryan-Retirement-County Employee[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0006-Commend Cornelius A. Lemmers-Retirement-County Employee[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0007-Commend Jerry F. Hawks - Retirement-County Employee[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0008-Commend William G. Briggs - Retirement-County Employee[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0009-Commend Lewis Young-Retirement-County Employee[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0010-Authorize-PH for Vacation of Sidewalk Easement- Meadowbrook Woods Subdivison[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0011-Authorize-PH to Consider Requesting Comm Transp Brd to Examine Possibility of Redistricting Through Truck Traffic-Portion of Sudley Manor Dr & Strasburg St[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0012-Authorize-PH for Conveyance, Consolidation & Boundary Correction of Park Authority Property at Chinn Park Dr[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0013-Commend-Bobby E. McManus-Gainesville Magisterial District Supervisor[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0014-Commend-William J. Becker-Brentsville Magisterial District Supervisor[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0015-Commend-Terrance Spellane-Coles Magisterial District Supervisor[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0016-Provide Additional Funds in the Coles Magisterial District Budget[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0017-Ratify-1996 Board of County Supervisors' Meeting Calendar[Icon] 3 CXO Documents
96-0019-BA-$1,318,132 for the Northern Va Special Education Regional Program[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0020-Amend-FY96 Fiscal Plan to ABA $12,150 of Additional Revenue & Expenditures for the Office of Housing and Community Development[Icon] 3 CXO Documents
96-0021-BA-$20,000 of FY96 Parking Fine Rev for Payment of Software Maintenance & Support, Ticket Collection Serv & Additional Ticket Writing Systems[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0022-Accept-Selective Enforcement Grant Award-$10,000 Va DMV; Community Traffic Safety Program[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0023-BA-$1,400 Grant Award Provided by Va State Police for H.E.A.T Grant Activities[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0024-BA-$36,405 in Revenue Funds Received from Other Jurisdictions for Recruit Training Services Provided by PWC Criminal Justice Academy[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
96-0025-BTA-Funds to the Dumfries District Beautification Program[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
96-0026-Initiation for Rezoning-PW Parkway & Crossing Place[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
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