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97-435-Auth Compensation ROW PW Pkwy Sect 2C[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
97-436-Request PRTC Transfer $339,555-Commuter Rail Stations[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-437-Auth Executive Session[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-438-Proposed Agreement Service Authority[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
97-439-Initiation Five-Year Comprehensive Plan Update[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-43-Appoint George M Hampton-Northern VA Community College Board[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-440-Auth Tax Exempt Financing 4-Guys Tanker-Nokesville Volunteer fire Dept[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
97-441-B&A $1.8M Northern VA Special Education Regional Program Budget[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-442-TBA Powells Creek Watershed CIP[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
97-443-B&A $25,000 VA Center Innovative Technology[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
97-444-Auth Submission Video Teleconferencing Grant Application[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
97-445-B&A DMV Grant Funding[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
97-446-Defer Action B&A Funds-Planning Studies[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-447-B&A $46,000 Lake Jackson Volunteer Fire Dept Fund Balance[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-448-TBA Revenue Sharing Funds[Icon] 4 CXO Documents
97-449-B&A $210,000 Dept Social Services[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
97-44-Certify Executive Session #2[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-450-Defer Action Washington Bike and Ski Center Lease Agreement[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-451-Decrease Office of Housing and Community Development Budget[Icon] 10 CXO Documents
97-452-Table Action-Initiate ZTA-Retail Motor Vehicle Fuel Stations[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-453-Award JDC Construction Contract[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
97-454-Appoint Peggy Monihan-Commission for Women[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-455-Appoint Michael N O'Neill-Zoning Ordinance Review Committee[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-456-Certify Executive Session[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-457-Auth Condemn Brentsville Union Church[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
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