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97-219-Auth Publication 1998 BPOL Tax Rates[Icon] 3 CXO Documents
97-21-Appoint David A Rutherford-Planning Commission[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-220-Auth Publication 1998 Aggregate Assessed Value of Real Property[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-221-Auth Proposed FY1998-2003 CIP Public Hearings[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-222-Auth PH Solid Waste Disposal Fees[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
97-223-Auth PH Stormwater Mangement Fee[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-224-Advertisement County Code Amendment[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-225-Auth PH County Code Amendments[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-226-Auth Executive Session[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-227-Establish Six Year Interstate/Primary Roadway Allocation Priorities[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
97-228-Creation of PWC Economic Development Land Bank[Icon] 4 CXO Documents
97-229-Joint Committee Mission Statement[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-22-Appoint Carolyn K Waund-Manassas Regional Airport Citizens Advisory Committee[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-230-Appoint William T Hunt-Taxicab Review Board[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-231-Appoint Jay du Von, David J Bomgardner, Vernon E Torney, Kenneth O Thompson-Zoning Ordinance Review Committee[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
97-232-Appoint Claire Rollins-Zoning Ordinance Review Committee[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-233-Certify Executive Session[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-234-Initiate Legal Action Against Gary I Blevins Sr, Donald Blevins[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-235-Settlement-Seawood Homes Inc[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-236-Appoint Economic Development Executive Director[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-237-Martin J Briley-Employment Contract-Economic Development Director[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-238-Approve March 18 Minutes[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-239-Keep Prince William County Beautiful Weeks[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-23-Auth Contribution BMD-Friends of Brentsville Courthouse Historic Centre[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
97-240-Auth PH Exempt Financing Emergency One Mini-Pumper/Yorkshire Volunteer Fire Dept[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
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