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08-0001 Elect Vice Chairman for 2008 - John Stirrup[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
08-0002 Adopt 2008 BOCS Meeting Calendar[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
08-0003 Amend - Board of County Supervisors' Rules of Procedure[Icon] 14 CXO Documents
08-0004 Approve Minutes - December 18, 2007[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
08-0005 Approve a License Agreement for County Space at DSB for a Food Service Operation[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
08-0006 Initiate Reduction In Force Policy for Dept of Public Works Building Developmment Division[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
08-0007 Approve Grant Application for Transportation Land Use Connections Program[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
08-0008 Construction Contract for Minnieville Road West Widening Project[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
08-0009 Authorize a Public Hearing to Declare 8914 Yorkshire Lane a Nuisance[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
08-0010 Authorize a Public Hearing to Consider Adoption of an Ordinance to Designate a No Parking Area on Antioch Road[Icon] 3 CXO Documents
08-0011 Authorize a PH to Consider Restricting On-Street Parking of Watercraft, Boat trailers, Motor homes, and camping trailers[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
08-0012 Request VDOT Accept Streets in Braemar Ph 4 Sec 20[Icon] 4 CXO Documents
08-0013 Request VDOT Accept Streets in Braemar Ph 4 Sec 27[Icon] 4 CXO Documents
08-0014 Request VDOT Accept a Street in Braemar Ph 4 Section 30 Subdivision[Icon] 4 CXO Documents
08-0015 Request VDOT Accept Streets in Westmarket Landbay 1[Icon] 5 CXO Documents
08-0016 Authorize Closed Meeting 1-8-2008[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
08-0017 Transfer $60,000 from the Recycling Operations to Landfill Enterprise Capital Improvements[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
08-0018 Approve the Elimination of Two Part Time Psychiatrist Positions[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
08-0019 B&A $181,267 from the Solid Waste Enterprise Fund Unreserved Retained Earnings[Icon] 3 CXO Documents
08-0020 B&A $116,485 from the Building Development Fee Code Academy Reserve[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
08-0021 Request VDOT Cancel 2004-2005 Revenue Sharing Program Old Carolina Road Project[Icon] 4 CXO Documents
08-0022 Award Construction Contract in the Amount of $498,259.25 to Martin & Gass for Fuller Heights Road Sidewalk[Icon] 3 CXO Documents
08-0023 Approve Submission by PWC Historic Preservation Foundation of three Grants Applications to American Battlefield Protection[Icon] 2 CXO Documents
08-0024 Transfer $250 from FY2008 Neabsco Funds to Rainbow Center 4-H[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
08-0025 Donate $500 from FY2008 Woodbridge District Funds to PW Park Authority for a sign at Julie Metz Wetland Park[Icon] 1 CXO Documents
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