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COUNTY OF PRINCE WILLIAM <br />BOARD OF COUNTY SUPERVISORS <br />AGENDA <br />BOARD CHAMBER PRINCE WILLIAM, VIRGINIA <br />August 2, 1988 <br />1 PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 2:00 PM <br />2. INVOCATION <br />Reverend Elton Glenn,*Chaplain <br />Regional Adult Detention Center <br />3. CITIZENS' TIME' <br />4. APPROVAL OF 'MINUTES <br />5. CONSENT AGENDA <br />A. RES Proclaim "National Night Out" - August 9, 1988 <br />Police <br />B. RES Transfer $1,000 (from Contingency Reserve) 1988. <br />Little League State Tournament - Park Authority <br />C. RES - Transfer $79,100 (from Contingency Reserve) - <br />Emergency Repairs of HVAC System - Adult Detention <br />Center <br />D. RES Budget and Appropriate, - $8,356 Amendment to FY 1988 <br />Fiscal Plan - Receipt of USDA Revenues for Juvenile <br />Detention Home and Group Home for 'Boys Social <br />Services <br />E. RES Authorize - Grant Application $10,000 (100% Federal <br />Funding) - Infant Early Intervention Services - <br />Community Services Board <br />F. RES - Approve - Renewal of Contract with Virginia Department <br />for the Visually Handicapped - Cafeteria Services in <br />the Judicial Center - General Services <br />G. RES Authorize - Cooperative Agreement with NVPDC - <br />Reduction of County's Local Share (up to $26,825) - <br />Town of Quantico Housing Improvement Program (CDBG) - <br />Social Services <br />PAGE 1 OF 6 PAGES