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N <br />1 <br />i <br />X F 111, Prince William County, Virginia <br />BOARD OF COUNTY SUPERVISORS <br />n <br />o Hon. Kathleen K. Seefeldt, Chairman <br />l Hon. William J. Becker, Vice Chairman <br />Hon. Hilda M. Barg Hon. Bobby McManus <br />Hon. Maureen S. Caddigan Hon. Mich6le B. McQuigg <br />Hon. John D. Jenkins Hon. Terrence Spellane <br />BOARD CHAMBER PRINCE WILLIAM, VIRGINIA <br />April 13, 1993 <br />1. Informational Briefing /Dialogue 12:00 <br />Strategic Plan Implementation - Public Safety Goal <br />2. Pledge of Allegiance 2:00 P.M. <br />3. Invocation <br />The Reverend Bob Yarborough, New Covenant Fellowship <br />4. Approval of Minutes <br />A. RES - Approve - April 6, 1993 Minutes <br />5. Consent Agenda <br />A. RES - Proclaim - "Week of the Young Child" - Aprils, <br />1993 - Samia Harris, Early Years Academy <br />B. RES - Proclaim - "Volunteer Week" - April 18 -24, 1993 - <br />Mary Foley, Voluntary Action Center Executive <br />Director <br />C. RES - Proclaim - "National Library Week" - April 18 -24, <br />1993 - Dick Murphy, Library System Director <br />D. RES - Proclaim - "Fair Housing Month" - April 1993 - <br />Warren Smith, Housing and Community Development <br />Director <br />E. RES - Proclaim - "National County Government Week" - <br />April 18 -24, 1993 - Susan Matthews, Public <br />Information Officer <br />F. RES - Proclaim - "Arbor Month ", April 1993 and "Arbor <br />Day ", April 20, 1993 - Sandy Burk, Education <br />Specialist, Prince William Soil and Water <br />Conservation District <br />G. RES - Commend - Columbia Cable of Virginia - Arbor Day - <br />Sandy Burk, Education Specialist, Prince William <br />Soil and Water Conservation District <br />H. RES - Commend - White Oak Nurseries, Inc - Arbor Day <br />Sandy Burk, Education Specialist, Prince William <br />1. RES - Commend - Winchester Homes, Inc. Arbor Day <br />Sandy Burk, Education specialist, Prince William <br />Soil and Water Conservation District <br />J. RES - Approve - Budget and Appropriate ($50,000 from <br />Proffer Funds) - Restoration of Ben Lomond Manor - <br />Susan Roltsch, Proffer Administration, Planning <br />Page 1 of 4 Pages <br />NOTICE * <br />IF THE PEN IMAGE IS LESS <br />Cz '"" CLM- THAI THIS NOTICE, IT <br />IS DUE TO THE QUALITY OF <br />THE DOCUMENT BEING FILMED.