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ATTACHMENT <br />Ord.No.97-109 <br />~.pecia1Use Permit #97-0038 December 2,1997 <br />Spyglass Self-Storage <br />Conditions <br />December 2,1997 <br />The site shall be developed in substantial conformance with the Generalized Development <br />Plan (“GDP”).entitled “Spyglass Self Storage”.prepared by Tri-Tek Engineering,June 1 7. <br />1997.revised Q~~be~November_3.1997 and received Lw the Office of Planning on <br />~November 5,1997.Conformance with the plan shall include incorporating landscaping as <br />generally depicted on the GDP and all minimum development standards for landscaping in <br />accordance with the Design and Construction Standards Manual, <br />2.The applicant shall utilize the 12”water main available through the 7-Eleven (Lot 1)parcel <br />and extend that line along the indicated inter-parcel connection strip to the vicinity of <br />Building #4;with appropriate easements to the adjacent properties to the north and west of <br />the parcel. <br />3.A 6-foot board-on-board fence shall be utilized as sho~~non the Plan;no chain link fencing <br />will be allowed.The fence will be kept in good repair and properly maintained at all times. <br />4.All exterior light fixtures (freestanding and building mounted)shall have a maximum height <br />of sixteen (16’)feet and shielded fixtures using full cutoff,flush lenses or comparable <br />standards which shall be directed downward on the site to minimize glare on adjacent <br />properties and rights-of-way shall be used. <br />5.The use of banners,balloons,streamers and similar items shall be strictly prohibited. <br />6.Access to rental units shall be available twenty-four (24)hours per day,seven (7)days per <br />week.The facility office shall operate between the hours of 6:00 a.m.and 9:00 <br />days per week. <br />7.Occupancy of the residential unit for the resident manager shall be in compliance with the <br />requirements of Section 32-400.14(a)of the Zoning Ordinance. <br />8.The applicant shall provide a monetary contribution of $501.00 to the Board of County <br />Supervisors at the time of final site plan approval for water quality monitoring programs in <br />the watershed <br />9.Vehicle impoundment and boat storage shall be limited to the open storage/vehicle <br />impoundment area shown at the rear of the property on the GDP.In the event that building <br />#4 is not constructed,the applicant shall be allowed to expand the impoundment and storage <br />use into that area formerly occupied by huildin~#4.No more than 4 rental trucks shall be <br />parked in the area noted on the GDP as “Truck Rental Area”.Trucks in excess of that <br />number shall be parked in the vehicle impoundment area located at the rear of the property. <br />Page I