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MOTION:MCQUIGG November 18,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />SECOND:JENKINS Ord,No,97-99 <br />RE:AUTHORIZE ABANDONMENT AND VACATION OF A PORTION OF <br />RIGHT-OF-WAY ON ELM FARM ROAD (FORMERLY DAVIS FORD <br />ROAD),IN OCCOQUANINEABSCO MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT <br />ACTION:APPROVED <br />WHEREAS,the dedication for the future widening of Elm Farm Road was done <br />in conjunction with proffers associated with Rezoning #87-11;and <br />WHEREAS,those proffers required a dedication of 55’right-of-way from the <br />centerline ofElm Farm Road;and <br />WHEREAS,the alignment of Prince William Parkway was not envisioned when <br />the Board of County Supervisors approved Rezoning #87-11;and <br />WHEREAS,due to Prince William Parkway open to traffic,the projected traffic <br />volume on Elm Farm Road has significantly reduced;and <br />WHEREAS,the proffers for Rezoning #96-0031 downgraded Elm Farm Road <br />to a four-lane undivided highway with a 68’right-of-way,based upon new traffic projections; <br />and <br />WHEREAS,the Forest Vista developer’s engineer has petitioned the County for <br />abandonment and vacation of a 30’wide right-of-way identified on the attached plat,dated <br />May 1,1997;and <br />WHEREAS,the remaining 80’right-of-way will allow the construction of a <br />four-lane undivided roadway with appropriate turning lanes;and <br />WHEREAS,the abandoned and vacated right-of-way will be used as a buffer by <br />the residents of Forest Vista,Section 2 development;and <br />WHEREAS,the additional land will not be utilized to increase the density <br />proposed for Forest Vista,Section 2 plans;and <br />WHEREAS,it appears to be in the public interest to abandon and vacate the 30’ <br />wide right-of-way identified on the attached plat,dated May 1,1997;and