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ATTACHMENT <br />Ord,No.97-105 <br />November 18,1997 <br />Page 1 of2 <br />Special Use Permit #97-0032 <br />Plaza Land Holding (Storage USA at Lake Ridge <br />) <br />Conditions <br />1.The site shall be developed in substantial conformance with the Generalized Development <br />Plan (“GDP”),entitled ~Storage USA at Lake Ridge’~.prepared by JCM Associates,dated <br />April 11,1997 and revised through August 25,1997. <br />2.The building design on the site shall be developed in substantial conformance with the <br />Conceptual Perspective,entitled ~Lake Ridge Storage.A Storage USA Project,~’dated May <br />29,1997,prepared by Butz -Wilbern. <br />3.Exterior building elevations/facades fe~4h~il4i~H~facing Smoketown and Old Bridge <br />Roads shall utilize brick;the brick and colors used on the building structures,the wall which <br />screens the refuse area(s)and the perimeter fence shall be the same as that utilized on the <br />building structures located at the Festival at Old Bridge Shopping Center. <br />4.Overhead doors shall not be permitted on exterior building elevations/facades ef-~i444iftgs <br />facing either Smoketown or Old Bridge Roads, <br />5.A wrought iron perimeter fence with brick columns shall be utilized:no chain link fencing <br />will be allowed. <br />6.Exterior walls on building structures shall be treated with a graffiti resistant acrylic coating. <br />The owner/operator shall be responsible for removing graffiti within twenty-four (24)hours <br />of being informed that graffiti has been painted/sprayed on exterior structure walls. <br />7.All exterior light fixtures (freestanding and building mounted)shall have a maximum height <br />of sixteen (16’)feet and shielded fixtures using full cutoff,flush lenses or comparable <br />standards which shall be directed downward on the site to minimize glare on adjacent <br />properties and rights-of-way shall be used. <br />8.One freestanding monument style sign,not to exceed ten (10)feet in height and forty (40) <br />square feet in face area shall be permitted as depicted on the GDP as “Typical Monument <br />Sign.”Sign colors shall be red and blue with a gray background.The site shall be permitted <br />a maximum of two facade signs located generally as shown on the GDP in addition to the <br />name and address locator.Signs shall be internally illuminated with low intensity ballast <br />lighting. <br />9.The owner/applicant shall meet with the LOCCA/PELT Committee on or before submission <br />of final site plans for courtesy review purposes,to present final architecturals,signage, <br />landscaping and lighting proposed for the subject site.