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ATTACHMENT <br />Ord.No.97-100 <br />November 18,1997 <br />Page 1 of 1 <br />Boundary Description <br />Brenttown Estates (less parcels 3 and 4)as recorded in Deed Book 1107,Page 1359, <br />January ii,1980,to wit: <br />Beginning at the most North Easterly point of Parcel 1 on Park Gate Drive,Route 653; <br />thence following the outline of the proposed Service District the following courses and <br />distances: <br />S23°36’West 244.38 feet to a point <br />S70°28’East 769.6 feet to a point <br />S26°36’West 165.0 feet to a point <br />S68°03’57”East 664.27 feet to a point <br />S20°15’33”West 765.0 feet to a point <br />N80°00’59”West 517.16 feet to a point <br />N 440 26’16”West 865.0 feet to a point <br />N62°53’l5”West 355.0 feet to a point on Aden Road,Route 646. <br />Thence with Aden Road the following courses and distances: <br />N34°48’54”East 71.62 feet to a point of curvature;thence with a curve to the left <br />having a radius of 830.82 feet,a chord bearing of N26°03’07”East and a chord distance <br />of 253.15 feet;Nl7°l7’l9”East 424.49 feet to another point of curvature;thence with a <br />curve to the right having a radius of 556.0 feet,a chord bearing of N23°16’35”East and <br />chord distance of 116.0 feet to a point on Park Gate Drive;thence with Park Gate Drive, <br />S70°28’East 206.04 feet to the point of beginning.