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ATTACHMENT <br />Ord,No.97-95 <br />October 28,1997 <br />Page 1 of 3 <br />Special Use Permit #97-.0036 <br />7-Eleven at Manaport <br />Conditions <br />The site shall be developed in substantial conformance with the General Development <br />Plan prepared by Chester Engineers,dated May 15,1997,amended June 5,1997 and <br />September 5,1997,except that all regulations ofthe Zoning Ordinance and Design and <br />Construction Standards Manual and the following shall apply: <br />a)Site improvements shall include the consolidation of the existing entrances on <br />Sudley Road and the existing Manaport Plaza entrances.The applicant shall <br />contribute,at or before final plan approval,$15,000.00 for improvements to <br />Route 234 and Rixlew Lane and/or the intersection of Route 234 and Rixiew <br />Lane,to offset the traffic impacts ofthis development. <br />b)All requirements for lot coverage,greenspace,landscaping,and tree canopy,per <br />the Zoning Ordinance and Design and Construction Standards Manual (DC SM), <br />shall be provided on the final site plan and shall not be waived.Alternative <br />compliance may be utilized for landscaping,in accordance with Section 800 of <br />the DCSM. <br />c)A refuse enclosure,constructed of the same masonry exterior building materials <br />used in the building,shall be provided such that the container is not visible from a <br />public right of way and adjoining properties.The enclosure shall be gated and <br />closed when not in use. <br />d)All parking and travelways on the site shall be set back 10 feet from any right-of- <br />way or traveiway,and five feet from all other property lines,as required by the <br />Zoning Ordinance and Design and Construction Standards Manual. <br />2.The uses shall be limited to a quick-service food store and retail sales of motor vehicle <br />fuel. <br />3.The exterior of the building shall be constructed with masonry materials which ~ <br />architecturally compatible with the Manaport Shopping Center. <br />4.The proposed freestanding sign shall be allowed to be set back six feet from the eastern <br />property line adjacent to the shopping center entrance drive. <br />5.The applicant shall contribute at or before final plan approval: