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ATTACHMENT <br />October 28,1997 <br />Ord.No.97-94 <br />Page 1 of3 <br />Special Use Permit #97-0033 <br />7-Eleven at Wellington <br />Conditions <br />The site shall be developed in substantial conformance with the General Development <br />Plan prepared by Chester Engineers,dated April,1997,as revised August 29,1997. <br />2.Uses shall be limited to a quick-service food store and retail sales ofmotor vehicle fuel. <br />3.The applicant shall dedicate 58’of right-of-way at no cost to the County,measured <br />from the existing centerline of Wellington Road. <br />4.The applicant shall dedicate right-of-way as shown on the General Development Plan <br />dated April,1997,revised August 29,1997,at no cost to the County for the realignment <br />of Balls Ford Road. <br />5.The applicant shall construct all drainage structures in accordance with the sizes shown <br />on VDOT plan #6234-076-i 12,PE100,RW2O1,C-50l. <br />6.The applicant shall construct the following roadway improvements: <br />a)Wellington Road: <br /> additional lane of pavement across the site’s frontage to serve <br />as a right-turn lane; <br />2.a four-foot (4’)raised concrete median from the existing Balls Ford <br />Road intersection to the future Balls Ford Road intersection; <br />3.curb,gutter,and sidewalk along the site’s frontage. <br />b)Existing Balls Ford Road: <br />1.a left-turn lane from southbound Balls Ford Road to eastbound <br />Wellington Road; <br />2.curb,gutter,and sidewalk along the site’s frontage between <br />Wellington Road and the proposed entrance. <br />7.The applicant shall close the proposed Wellington Road entrance once realigned Balls <br />Ford Road is constructed. <br />8.The applicant shall escrow funds for the future closing of the Wellington Road entrance, <br />acceptable to the Transportation Planning Branch of the Department of Public Works, <br />during the final site plan review stage.