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AflADIMEN’) <br />On~cr7,lW <br />Ott )t 97-5* <br />Proposed Zoning Text Amendment #9842 .g 1012 <br />Modification of Home Employment Use Lot Size Standard <br />Part 230 PROVISIONAL USES <br />32.230.27.Home Employment <br />Home employment uses as defined In Part 100 of this chapter,~wherepermitted with a <br />provisional use permlt~shall meet the following standards: <br />(1)A home employment use shall be conducted as an accessory use entirely within a single- <br />family detached dwelling unit and shall not change the character of the dwelling unit nor have <br />any exterIor evidence other than a sign as provided for In this section. <br />(2)Only product sales accessory to a home employment use shall be allowed. <br />(3)OutsIde storage associated with the busIness shall be prohibited.Pet grooming services <br />shallbepermittedtouseaportlonofarearorsideyard,lfblockedfrornvlewfromadjacent <br />properties by a six-foot high solid board fence,for use by not more than three pets at any time. <br />(4)One company vehicle,as defined by Part 100 of this chapter,may be permitted as <br />accessory to the use;provided,however1 that ovemight paridng at the dwelling shall be limited <br />as provided In Subsection 32-300.02(1). <br />(5)Hours of operation limited to between 7:00 a.m.and 7:00 p.m.Monday through Friday, <br />9:00 7:00 p.m.Saturday and Sunday.Customers shall be received by appointment <br />only.No more than five customers per day and no more than one customer at a time shall be <br />scheduled,however,this shall not apply to adult day care and tutoring. <br />(a)A customer shall be deemed:an indMdual or a group of Individuals that arrive as a single <br />unit at a destination usually by means of a motor vehicle. <br />(6)MinImum lot size:7,500 £222 square feet. <br />(7)Not more than one employee,who is not a family member residing in the dwelling unit shall <br />be permitted. <br />(8)A home employment use shall be allowed one unlighted facade or freestanding sign not to <br />exceed four square feet in area,nor five feet In height,and which must be set back at least five <br />feet from all property lines.No other signs shall be jiermitted.except as allowed for in this <br />section. <br />(9)The area devoted to the home employment use shall not exceed 25%of the gross floor <br />area of the dweiiing unit. <br />(10)Adequate parking shall be provided to accommodate the use.