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DRAFT <br />ARTICLE ID FIRE PROTECTION CODE <br />Sec.9-41 Adopted;enforcement;availability for reference. <br />ATFACHMENT <br />Ord.No.97-61 <br />June 24,1997 <br />Page 1 of7 <br />(d)Section F-403 of the BOCA National Fire Prevention Code 1996 <br />edition,as amended,concerning open burning,which is adopted and <br />incorporated in the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code,has been <br />modified and superseded in the county by Article IV of Chapter 9 of this <br />Code.(Note:This is a new paragraph to be added to Article III of Chapter <br />9.) <br />Sec.9-56.General. <br />ARTICLE IV OPEN BURNING <br />A person shall not cause or allow open burning unless approved in <br />accordance with this code and the Commonwealth of Virginia State Air <br />Pollution Control Board’s Regulations Concerning Emissions Standards for <br />Open Burning,and Virginia Forest~Laws. <br />Former 9-56 <br />(a)Any porson,as that torm is dofir’~4 <br />~~“~“‘i-”~ <br />Explanation of Type <br />Standard type indicates existing language,from the Virginia Statewide Fire <br />Prevention Code,Chapter 9 of the Prince William County Code or the <br />Virginia State Air Pollution Control Board’s Regulations Concerning <br />Emission Standards for Open Burning,that is being used to create this new <br />code section. <br />(~aiiciz~c striko ti ug h~typo~incic~t~&J~f.•.g~~a•gothat i&be~iflg~dGietaa. <br />Underlined type indicates new or revised language <br />(Note:Where this convention is used it provides information concerning <br />relocation of sections or explanations about changes,) <br />1