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ATTACHMENT <br />Ord.No.97-53 <br />June 3,1997 <br />Page 1 of 1 <br />Special Use Permit #97-0025 <br />David and Cynthia Tonnesen <br />Conditions <br />1.The business shall be limited to a home business providing swimming lessons,and shall be <br />ancillary to the existing residence,The owner of the property shall reside on the property <br />on a full time basis.The business shall only be conducted in the area of the house labeled <br />office and half~bath(HB),located on the lower level as indicated on the floor plan submitted <br />as part of the application,and within the fenced pool area on the property,as shown on the <br />yard and pool sketch plan illustrating the pooi area,No retail sales of merchandise shall be <br />permitted as part of this business. <br />2.The hours of operation shall be limited to Monday through Friday from 9~00l0:00a,m,to <br />3~O0 p.m.-and-Saturday’frem-9~O0-a-m~4o-5~00-p~.There will be 15 minutes between <br />classes. <br />3.No more than 16 students shall be instructed on the subject site at any one time,All classes <br />shall have one instructor present for every four students.No more than four classes shall be <br />held per day for a maximum of 64 students per day. <br />4.All instructors shall be certified in lifesaving,CPR,and First Aid,and an instructor will be <br />present and on duty at all times when any student is on the property, <br />5.The applicant shall maintain a minimum six-foot-tall solid board fence around the pool. <br />6.Any chemical solvents (i.e.pool purification supplies,etc.)used on-site shall be stored <br />properly and not discharged into groundwater or storm drainage systems.Such substances <br />shall be recycled and/or disposed of at an approved disposal site. <br />7.No sign shall be permitted to advertise this use. <br />8.All areas utilized as part ofthe home business shall comply with the 1996 BOCA National <br />Building Code and the Prince William County Swimming Pool,Spa and Health Club <br />Ordinance.Any deviation from the above standard shall be permitted only if the Prince <br />William County Building Official determines that the deviation provides the equivalent level <br />of performance or protection required by law. <br />9.This special use permit shall expire five years after the date of approval by the Board of <br />County Supervisors. <br />10.Lessons shall only be conducted between May 15 and September 15 of any year.