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ATTACHMENT <br />Ord.No.97-52 <br />June 3,1997 <br />Page 1 of 1 <br />Amendments to Curfew for Minors <br />Insert as an additional definition in Section 16-3A: <br />(7)Entertainment Business means an establishment operated for attracting <br />patrons for the purpose of attending and observing a performance or athletic event; <br />including but not being limited to athletic stadiums,concert amphitheaters,auditoriums, <br />movie theaters,Prince William County Fair,and similar businesses,which have a <br />scheduled performance or activity to be observed by the audience attending the event,and <br />which performances start prior to the curfew hours.For the purposes of this ordinance, <br />the following businesses are hereby specifically excluded from the definition of an <br />Entertainment Business:bowling alleys,billiard parlors,pool halls,go-cart tracks,putt- <br />putt golf courses,driving ranges,restaurants,bars,saloons,diners,stores,shops,fast food <br />and drive-through restaurants and markets. <br />Insert as an additional defense in Section 16-3B(2): <br />j.When the minor,with the written permission of the minor’s parent or <br />guardian,is attending an entertainment business,or is returning home from attending <br />such entertainment business by a direct route without any detour or stop,and is in <br />possession of a date stamped admission ticket or receipt or proof of attendance for the <br />current date from such entertainment business.