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ATTACHMENT <br />Ord.No.97-45 <br />May 20,1997 <br />Page 1 of3 <br />Special Use Permit #97-0027 <br />7-Eleven at Residency Road <br />Conditions <br />The site shall be developed in substantial conformance with the Special Use Permit <br />Qefia14~ed-De’~e~epffle-Pl~Site Plan prepared by Chester Engineers,dated ~eb~a~ <br />4~9~94March 1997 and received by the Office of Planning on ~e1~a ~L2,_4-996 M~l2~ <br />1997,with the exception of transportation improvements which shall be as outlined in <br />conditions 2 through 5.Such transportation improvements may require the modification of <br />the plan for relocating parking spaces,dumpster pad,underground storage tanks,andlor <br />pump islands.Such modifications to the plan are permitted provided they are directly <br />related to satisfying the transportation improvements. <br />2.The applicant shall provide a full third turn lane along the Nokesville Road (Rt.28) <br />frontage.The terminus of such turn lane shall be determined at site plan submission by the <br />Division of Transportation Planning in Public Works. <br />3.The ROD idency’R ad••en•tranee-Dlall•onist-o g•.~•••••a•r~ed~•~entrqc~e~w•i•ththe•a4’.acen t~pa•rc el to <br />the Douth.The Nokesville Road entrance shall be developed as shown on the Special Use <br />Permit ~Site Plan. <br />4.The applicant shall dedicate right-of-way along Nokesville Road (Rt.28)sufficient to <br />provide 81 feet from centerline for future widening of Route 28. <br />5.The applicant shall dedicate right-of-way along Residency Road sufficient to provide 50 <br />feet from centerline. <br />6.The proposed building shall be primarily of brick construction and developed in substantial <br />conformance with the Proposed Elevations plan (Exhibit A),prepared by Wheeler <br />Goodman Masek &Associates Inc.,dated April 25,1996,and received by the Office of <br />Planning on April 29,1996.The canopy over the fuel pumps shall be developed in <br />substantial conformance with the Canopy Elevations plan (Exhibit B),prepared by the <br />Southland Corporation,and received by the Office of Planning on April 11,1996.In <br />addition,the canopy color shall be consistent with that of the building.Facade and canopy <br />signage shall be in accordance with the proposed signage shown on Exhibits A and B. <br />7.The use of the site for motor vehicle activities shall be limited to motor vehicle fuel sales <br />(retail)and quick-service food store and may operate 24 hours a day,seven days a week. <br />Motor vehicle service or repairs on the property is prohibited. <br />8.The conditions approved as a part of Provisional Use Permit #96-14 shall remain valid (see <br />pages D-1 through D-2). <br />9.The applicant shall contribute $7,500.00 towards the installation of a traffic signal at the <br />intersection of Rt.28 and Residency Road.Such contribution must be submitted prior to <br />final site plan approval.