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ATTACHMENT <br />September 2,1997 <br />Ord.No.97-86 <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />Special Use Permit #97-003 1 <br />Wawa Food Market <br />Conditions <br />The site shall be developed in substantial conformance with the General Development <br />Plan prepared by Bengston,DeBell &Elkin,Ltd.,dated April 4,1997,revised May 28, <br />1997 and received by the Office of Planning on June 4,1997. <br />2.The architecture and color scheme of the buildings shall be in substantial conformance <br />with Floor Plan Elevations-Retail Store prepared by LynchMartinez,dated April 25, <br />1997,revised June 20,1997,except that greater than 50%of the building shall contain <br />brick in similar colors to those utilized on the nearby Strayer College or Kohl’s <br />Department Store.The final design should be compatible with surrounding <br />development. <br />3.Rooftop mechanical equipment shall not be visible from the public streets and adjacent <br />properties. <br />4.The applicant shall provide a monetary contribution of $75.00 per acre to the Board of <br />County Supervisors for water quality monitoring programs in the watershed at or prior <br />to final site plan approval. <br />5.The applicant shall install a pre-treatment facility on the site in a location specified by <br />Public Works,Watershed Management for general water quality protection.Said pre- <br />treatment facility shall be located so as to capture the stormwater run-off from the areas <br />of the site where the fueling positions and underground storage tanks are located and <br />shall be properly monitored and maintained on a regular basis,as determined by Public <br />Works,Watershed Management,at the time of site plan review. <br />6.The owner/operator of the property shall prepare an emergency spill notification <br />contingency plan and shall have same approved by the Fire Marshal and posted on the <br />premises before the issuance of any occupancy permits.The owner/operator of the <br />property shall be responsible for notifying the Fire Marshal’s office immediately in the <br />event of a spill of any petroleum products or chemical waste on the property.The <br />owner/operator shall assume full responsibility for the costs incurred in the cleanup of <br />such spills. <br />7.All petroleum products,antifreeze,solvents,and other potential pollutants shall be <br />properly stored,maintained and disposed of on a routine basis.The discharge and <br />disposal of said materials on site or into the ground,surface water,or sanitary sewer <br />shall be prohibited.