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r <br />December 18, 2001 <br />1. Pledge of Allegiance 2:00 P.M. <br />2. Invocation <br />Dr. Elton H. Glenn, Good News Jail and Prison Ministry, <br />Manassas <br />3. A,proval of Minutes <br />A. RES Approve - December 4, 2001 Minutes <br />B. RES; Approve - December 11, 2001 Minutes <br />4. Consent Agenda <br />A. RES — Commend /Retirement - Bonnie V. Oakes, Social <br />Services Department Cleil Fitzwater Office of <br />Executive Management <br />B. RES - Reallocate - $49,201 in 1998 General Obligation <br />Bonds from the Sports Fields Park Project to the <br />BMX Park Project - Christopher Martino - Finance <br />Department <br />C. RES - Authorize - Compensation to the Dale City Lodge <br />2165 Loyal Order of Moose, Inc., Located at 15424 <br />Cardinal Drive, in Connection with the Cardinal <br />Drive Phase II Project Dumfries Magisterial <br />District - Tom Baser - Public Works <br />5. Citizens' Time <br />6. County .Executive. <br />a, Rresent_aaion_ County Executive Proposed Capital <br />Improvement Program - Craig S. Gerhart <br />7. County Attorney <br />A. RES - Authorize - Cloned Meeting <br />B. RES - Approve - Lease Agreement with City of Manassas for <br />Two Strands of Dark Fiber - 'Brentsville Magisterial,_. <br />District - Robert Dickerson - County Attorney <br />8. Public Hearings 2:00 P.M. <br />A. ORD - To Consider Abandonment and Vacation of Dedicated <br />Right -of -Way Adjacent to Property Owned by <br />Walter H. Menz and Theresa T. Menz Located at 5334 <br />Jessup Lane - Dumfries Magisterial District - <br />Robert Wilson Public Works Department <br />Page 1 of 5 Pages <br />r <br />x