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PI <br />M <br />M <br />COUNTY OF PRINCE WILLIAM BOARD OF COUNTY SUPERVISORS <br />oOFFICE <br />OF EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT Sean T. Connaughton, Chairman <br />I County Complex Court, Prince William, Virginia 22192-9201 Edgar S. Wilboum, III, Vice Chairman <br />is <br />Yy ( <br />703) 792-6600 Metro 631-1703 FAX: (703)792 -7484 Hilda M. Barg <br />Maureen S. Caddigan <br />Ruth T. Griggs <br />Mary K. Hill <br />Craig ,S.Gerhart John D. Jenkins <br />County Executive L. Ben. Thompson <br />November 21, 2001 <br />TO: Board of County Supervi ors6 <br />FROM: Melissa S. Peacor <br />Assistant County ti e <br />THRU: Craig S. Gerhart <br />County Executive <br />SUBJ: Joint Board of County Supervisors/Park Authority Meeting <br />On November 28'h the Board of County Supervisors and the Park Authority <br />will meet for a joint dinner meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the Occoquan Conference Room in <br />the McCoart Administration Building. The agenda and materials for this meeting are <br />attached for the Board's information and review. <br />If you have any questions, please give me a call at Ext. 6720. <br />V <br />An Eqflal Opporiumily Employer