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u <br />X <br />BOARD CHAMBER April 10, 2001 <br />Dedication Ceremony 10:45 A.M. <br />Kathleen K. Seefeldt Parkway Sign and Portrait <br />Transportation to Ceremony Departs from Mccoart Atrium <br />1.. Pledge of Allegiance 1 :00 P.M. <br />2. Invocation <br />Pastor Jim Moekabee, Prince William Community Church, <br />Dale City <br />3. Citizens l Twee <br />4. Intergovernmental Deport <br />S. County'Sxecutive <br />A. Presentation - Monthly VDOT Report - Tom Fahrney - <br />VDOT <br />H. RES Authorize - Public Hearing to Consider Exemption <br />from Solid Waste User Fees for Low- Income Senior <br />Citizens and the Disabled - Robert Wilson Public <br />Works <br />6. County Att®rn ®v <br />A. RES - Authorize - Closed Meeting <br />7. Presentations <br />A. Prince William County Efforts in Prevention of <br />Child Abuse and Neglect - Ricardo Perez - Social <br />Services <br />n, — ni ae.F._.c_rr.:- @,rnneaa -nri ccei- a,.n9ncr F'.SZeellence:The;- <br />Story of the Reengineering of Virginia Prince <br />William County Department of Social Services <br />Ricardo Perez - Social Services <br />C. - Census 2000 Data Release - Masood Noorbakhsh - <br />office of Information Technology <br />S. Work Seesi.on <br />A. Human Services Strategic Goal 1 hr. <br />Review of Task Force Recommendations <br />Melissa Peacor - Office of Executive Management <br />Page i of 3 Pages <br />u' <br />a