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ATTACHMENT <br />Ord.No.97-43 <br />May 6,1997 <br />Page 1 of3 <br />Special Use Permit #97-0023 <br />Horizons Landscaping <br />Conditions <br />The site shall be developed in substantial conformance with the Generalized Development <br />Plan (GDP)and dated November 11,1996,revised November 20,1996,and received by <br />the Office of Planning on March 7,1997,as well as the Miscellaneous Detail Areas Plan <br />prepared by Bengtson,DeBell &Elkin,Ltd.dated March 7,1997 and received by the <br />Office ofPlanning on March 7,1997.In the event that no stormwater management <br />facility is required,the applicant may relocate the proposed shop building,parking lot,and <br />mulch storage area up to seventy-five (75’)feet to the east of where it is currently shown <br />on the Special Use Permit General Development Plan,in order to situate the structure <br />further east ofRoute 234. <br />2.The use of the site shall be limited to landscaping services with ancillary storage of snow <br />removal equipment,and shall be limited to the area shown on the Special Use Permit <br />General Development Plan.Any expansion of this use beyond the area shown on the <br />Special Use Permit Plan shall require a new special use permit. <br />3.The applicant shall dedicate additional right-of-way on Route 234 at the request of the <br />County,in accordance with VDOT plan #6234-076-114,PE100,RW2O1,at no cost to <br />the County or State. <br />4.Access to the site shall be limited to one point on Route 234.Subsequent to site plan <br />approval,but prior to the issuance of occupancy permits,the applicant shall construct a <br />right turn lane at the site’s entrance on Route 234,as shown on the General Development <br />Plan. <br />5.At the time of site plan approval,and prior to the receipt of any necessary permits,the <br />applicant shall contribute $75.00 per acre ofthe site for the County to monitor water <br />quality in the watershed. <br />6.A 50-foot wide undisturbed buffer area shall be established and maintained along the <br />northern and southern boundaries ofthe site in accordance with the general development <br />plan.Additional supplemental landscaping shall be permitted but not required.In the <br />event that the applicant obtains a Compatible Use Affidavit from the adjoining property <br />owner (Prince William County GP1N No.7892-53-56 18),said 50-foot buffer may be <br />waived for the northern boundary.If the applicant does not obtain a waiver of the 50-foot <br />buffer area,the proposed drainfield area shown on the General Development Plan shall be <br />located outside ofthe buffer area.