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MOTION:MCQUIGG March 18,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />SECOND:HILL Res.No.97-209 <br />RE:PROCLAIM APRIL 1997 -CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH <br />ACTION:APPROVED <br />WHEREAS,the incidence of child abuse and neglect has reached alarming <br />proportions in the United States;and <br />WHEREAS,in 1995-96,1,434 cases of child abuse and neglect were reported in <br />Prince William County involving 1,953 children with 320 founded as victims;and <br />WHEREAS,the County of Prince William is committed to supporting families <br />through programs that will prevent child abuse and neglect;and <br />WHEREAS,“Celebrate Children”featuring the “Christian duo,Dust &Ashes”, <br />and a chorus of community children,will perform a spring concert and program to help at risk <br />children at 8:00 p.m.on April 5,1997 at the Hylton Memorial Chapel;and <br />WHEREAS,there are numerous dedicated individuals and organizations in the <br />County ofPrince William who work daily to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect;and <br />WHEREAS,every child has a right to live rather than to exist,to be a person <br />rather than a possession,and to be equal with every other human being regardless of age;and <br />WHEREAS,all children deserve loving hugs,warm homes and tender care from <br />parents and adults so that they may be safe,happy and loved; <br />NOW,THEREFORE,BE IT RESOLVED that the Prince William Board of <br />County Supervisors does hereby proclaim April 1997 as Child Abuse Prevention Month and <br />encourages business and community participation in the “Celebrate Children”program on <br />April 5,1997 at the Hylton Memorial Chapel. <br />Votes: <br />Ayes:Barg,Caddigan,Hill,McQuigg,Seefeldt,Thompson,Wilbourn <br />Nays:None <br />Absent from Vote:Jenkins <br />Absent from Meeting:None <br />CERTIFIED COPY (I~1/~(,2(2ItØM2~~~~~~-____~ <br />Clerk to the Board