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ATTACHMENT <br />Ord,No,97-26 <br />March 11,1997 <br />Proposed Changes to Chapter 23,Article Ill of the Prince William County Code <br />Page 3 <br />(1)When notified that a maintenance pump-out i~~the homeowner ~hallhave the <br />septic ~nlç pumped ~g within 22 dax~nf the initial notice.The homeowner may regne~t <br />~nextension nf~In 112 ~ys’duration. <br />(~)The ~ewage handler tall provide In th~homeowner a npy21 ~information <br />required In he reg.nrtegl In the Health District by Section 23-3 8 U.)(c)~ <br />(10 A maintenance ~~hallconsist ~uncovering ~accessing at ie~tnne manhole <br />21 the tank(s)~removing the ii~)~.an4 ~in~ipjng~~heentire contents 21 the tank~.~ <br />~w~g_ehandler ~ll wash down the interior walls nf the tanic WIth clear water ~by backflushing <br />a~necessar tn facilitate removal 21 ~l1~n1I4material and ~hailleave the tank(s)emiIy~.Al! <br />sewage removed ~hal1then be transported In an approved septage disposal facility.In the case <br />where a sewage di~~n~aisystem ~~o ~more septic tanks,all tanks must be pumped QM.t ~ <br />described. <br />Le)The Health District tall evaluate cnrnpllance WIth thifl section and WIth related state <br />~county codes.When indicated by the facts,a violation may be ch gecL Each tiie year <br />interval ~jj~Qjg maintenance ~h~llconstitute ~~~te violation pursuant tn Section 23-36.