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ATTACHMENT <br />Ord,No,97-26 <br />March 11,1997 <br />Proposed Changes to Chapter 23,Article III of the Prince William County Code <br />Page 2 <br />(~)The ~Se~age Handler License ~l be revoked ~n~trenewed by ~Director 21 the <br />Health District when ~licensee 4~~perform maintenance pump-outs ~described in <br />~23-48~f~ll~~~n~iy ~~~ge Handling ~~~g~i&tjQfl~’nr 12 <br />~p~fl maintenance pump-outs ~j~n~p~n~jh~i2pci~ationsto Ihe Health District.The <br />$y,~geHandler license ~h~llaii~nbe revoked ~n~c~trenewed when ~licensee performs <br />unpermitted repairs ~modifications ~~disposal systems ~other breaches 21 this <br />Code ~~$~W~geHandling ~n4Pj~pQsalRegulations. <br />U.)It ~hellbe ~violation Qf thi~Section ~~~t septic tanks ~t~n~ortsewage In <br />Prince William County without ~,Prince William County $~w~geHandler’s license, <br />Sec.23-46,Inlet and outlet denotation and ground marker for septic tanks. <br />The manufacturer of a septic tank shall denote the inlet and outlet ends of the tanlç-aad <br />shall-thcnish with 4he4ath-a-pelmafient-gFound-mackec.The installer shall furnish ~n4locate the ~ <br />ground marker directly above the manhole on the outlet end of the tank during backfill,so as to <br />position the marker flush with the finished contour in a firm and secure position.~permanent <br />ground marker aliiill be reqnhesi ~ffi~distribution k~~sw~ii~An~existing ~c~tIn~ni~which <br />~permanent marker ~hallb~provided WIth nne during ~maintenance p~ffi~ut. <br />M informal sketch 21 the system ~rnponent~approximate measurements ftQ~fixed <br />points ~j~h~house corners ~permanent pg~p~tycorner markers.fiie4 ~already nn tile ~..tthe <br />Health District office ni returned WIth the manifest from ~pump-out.~hallbe ~çceptakie in i~u21 <br />permanent ground markers. <br />(No.77-16-24,§~19-7.1,19-7.2,4-19-77) <br />Sec.23-47.Septic tank outlet manhole to be built up~ln-eertah~-eases~ <br />In new septic tank installations where the earth cover over the septic tank exceeds thirty <br />six—(36)’the outlet manhole of the septic tank shall be built up to within-eighteei~-f1-8)eight (1~,) <br />inches of the finished contour ofthe ground. <br />(No.77-16-24,§19-7.3,4-19-77) <br />Sec.23-48.Septic tank pump-out required every five ~years <br />. <br />Onsite sewage disposal systems nn.t requiring ~Virginia Pollution Discharge Elimination System <br />(VPDES)permit ~ll haze pump-out accomplished ~t ie~nnce every ifi~eyears. <br />(a)The owner 21 each ~ichsystem ~hallcause a maintenance pump-out 21 the ~çp~c ~nk <br />nfeaeh system owned 12 be performed by a sewage handler permitted by the Virginia Department <br />21 Health licensed In Prince William County ~~nc~every fiy~years.