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ATTACHMENT <br />Ord,No,97-26 <br />March 11,1997 <br />Proposed Changes to Chapter 23,Article Ill of the Prince William County Code <br />Page 1 <br />Sec.23-38,Installer’s license~~handler license. <br />(g)It shall be unlawful for any person to install or repair for another,or contract to install <br />or repair for another,any individual sewage disposal system or any part thereof,unless he has a <br />current license issued by the department of finance pursuant to Chapter 11 of this Code,Before <br />such license is issued,the health department must be satisfied that the applicant has a working <br />knowledge of individual sewage disposal systems and knowledge of the rules and regulations <br />applicable thereto,and such department must approve the license application.In addition to the <br />license,an annual fee of thirty dollars ($30,00),shall be paid to the director of finance,shall not <br />be proratable. <br />(No.77-16-24,§19-4,4-19-77;No.83-644,7-19-83;No.85-34,§5(1),3-19-85). <br />(10 ~y person ~company operating ~intending ~operate ~~sewage handler within <br />Prince William County ~iaii fi~~permit ft~ffi~Commissioner of the Yj~g~nj,a <br />Pg~trn~n21 Health ~~1~iiobtain ~license ft~j~j,Prince William County.Th2 ~ <br />Handler’s License ~ll ~issued annually ~~~ijcants j~.j,good standing ~submission QfI~ <br />~r~pri~ie ~llQ~ti n ~th~Health District ~payment ~f ~n annual f~~ii1~Director ~f <br />Finance.~~.ç amount ~ll ~~~y resolution 21 ~Board ~f County $M~~j~9rs~nd <br />~1I~II~~proratable. <br />U.)All holders a Prince William County ~S.çw~g~Handler’s License ~aii k2 In <br />standing b~conforming ~~requirements ~fi~(10 ~n4(c)below: <br />(~)The sewage handler ~J~iperform ~sewage handling ~septage management <br />~specified ~nih~Commonwealth 21 Virginia,Sewage Handling ~ii4 Disposal <br />Regulations. <br />(10 The sewage handler ~.hallreport ~llmaintenance ~n4emergency pump-outs t~ <br />~Health District.~specified j~$~ç23-48 (~)(~Emergency pump-outs <br />consist 21 removal 21 sewage ft~~septic ~holding ~ç associated wiih ~n <br />improperly functioning onsite sewage disposal system.More than ~ne emergency <br />pump-out j~considered emergency pump-and-haul requiring authorization from <br />the Health District. <br />(c)Maintenance pump-outs ~4 ~ll pump-and-haul operations ~i~llbe reported <br />monthly.p~load.~~agreed ~by th~Health District.The items t ~reported <br />WIll 1~especified by ~Health Director.