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MOTION:JENKINS March 4,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />SECOND:HILL Res.No,97-164 <br />RE:OFFICE SPACE LEASE AGREEMENT AT COURTHOUSE STATION <br />BUILDING <br />ACTION:APPROVED <br />WHEREAS,in October 1996,the Committee on District Courts approved a <br />request for the creation of a new judicial position for the 3l’~District Juvenile &Domestic <br />Relations (J&DR)Court;and <br />WHEREAS,it is anticipated that the General Assembly will approve the <br />Committee’s recommendation on or before March,1997 and,if approved,the position would be <br />funded as of July 1997;and <br />WHEREAS,on February 4,1997 the Board of County Supervisors approved <br />the transfer of funds from Contingency Reserve to begin relocation and design actions for a new <br />Juvenile &Domestic Relations Courtroom;and <br />WHEREAS,the Circuit Court Public Service and Office of Dispute Resolution <br />staff must be vacated from the Judicial Center in order to free up space to accommodate a new <br />courtroom;and <br />WHEREAS,a five (5)year,full service lease has been negotiated with Southern <br />Partners;and <br />WHEREAS,the FY97 funding requirement of $21,875 for five (5)months to <br />support this lease is available in OTFSS’s FY97 base budget;and <br />WHEREAS,the ongoing annual funding requirement of $52,500 to support this <br />lease is included in OTFSS Budget Submission Request for FY98;and <br />NOW,THEREFORE,BE IT RESOLVED,the Prince William Board of <br />County Supervisors does hereby approve this Lease agreement; <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Prince William Board of County <br />Supervisors does hereby authorize the County Executive or his designee to execute the Lease <br />and to sign such documents when approved by the County Attorney. <br />Votes: <br />Ayes:Barg,Caddigan,Hill,Jenkins,McQuigg,Seefeldt,Thompson,Wilbourn <br />Nays:None <br />Absent from Vote:None <br />Absent from Meeting:None <br />For Information <br />County Attorney <br />Finance Director <br />Director,OTFSS <br />Leasing Administrator <br />CERTIFIED COPY <br />Cler,l(to the oard