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MOTION:THOMPSON March 4,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />SECOND:HILL Ord,No.97-24 <br />RE:ORDINANCE VACATING A PORTION OF RIGHT-OF-WAY OF OLD <br />CHURCH ROAD,ROUTE 649 (FORMERLY FOX STREET),AND THE <br />EXISTING LOT LINE BETWEEN THE RIGHT-OF-WAY AND THE <br />PARCEL 7693-75-3078,IN BRENTSVILLE MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT, <br />AS SHOWN ON THE ATTACHED RECORD PLAT <br />ACTION:APPROVED <br />WHEREAS,the area of 14,656 square foot identified on the attached record <br />plat,dated September 12,1996,showing the property of “Nelson E.and Roberta L.Nestor and <br />a Portion of Fox Street”was platted for street purposes in 1822 when the Town ofBrentsville <br />was created by the General Assembly;and <br />WHEREAS,this right-of-way was never used or maintained by the County or <br />the Virginia Department of Transportation for street purposes;and <br />WHEREAS,because of the unaccepted dedication,it appears that Mr.and Mrs. <br />Nestor,owners of a Parcel with GPIN#7693-75-3078,probably own the area of 14,656 square <br />feet identified on the attached plat because the offer of dedication was never accepted by Prince <br />William County;and <br />WHEREAS,due to a lingering unaccepted offer of dedication and the <br />uncertainty created by it,it is in the public interest to vacate the area of 14,656 square feet <br />identified on the attached plat and to consolidate it with parcel with GP1N#7693-75-3078 <br />through vacation of existing lot line;and <br />WHEREAS,said vacation will bring the Nestors’addition to their house in <br />compliance with minimum setback requirements;and <br />WHEREAS,a public hearing was duly advertised and held on March 4,1997,in <br />accordance with the requirements of Section 15.1-431,VA Code Ann.,to consider such <br />vacation; <br />NOW,THEREFORE,BE IT ORDAINED that the Prince William Board of <br />County Supervisors does hereby vacate a portion ofFox Street and the existing lot line between <br />the right-of-way and the parcel 7693-75-3078,identified on the attached record plat,dated <br />September 12,1996,prepared by Richard R.Townsend,Land Surveyor,showing the property <br />of “Nelson E.and Roberta L.Nestor and a Portion of Fox Street”;