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MOTION:MCQUIGG February 18,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />SECOND:BARG Res.No,97-145 <br />RE:COMMEND -DELEGATE HARRY J.PARRISH <br />ACTION:APPROVED <br />WHEREAS,The Honorable Harry J.Parrish was born February 19,1922 on a <br />farm not far from Manassas and moved to Manassas as an infant when his father purchased a <br />small coal and ice firm—later named Manassas Ice and Fuel Company—of which Mr.Parrish is <br />now Chairman of the Board;and <br />WHEREAS,Mr.Parrish grew up in Manassas and attended school in Prince <br />William County,where he was active in soccer,basketball,baseball,and was a member of Prince <br />William County’s first high school football team;and <br />WHEREAS,Mr.Parrish went into the United States Air Force immediately <br />upon graduation from Virginia Polytechnic Institute to serve his country as a pilot,navigator, <br />bombardier,radio operator and armaments man from 1942-46 and later in the United States Air <br />Force Reserves,1946-71,retiring with rank of Colonel;and <br />WHEREAS,Mr.Parrish is married to Mattie Hooe Cannon Parrish and has two <br />children,Harry J.Parrish II and Judith P.Ratcliffe,and three grandchildren;and <br />WHEREAS,he has served the citizens of Prince William County and the Cities <br />ofManassas and Manassas Park with dignity and effectiveness for more than 40 years;and <br />WHEREAS,Mr.Parrish served on the Manassas Town and City Councils, <br />including many years of service as mayor,and a term as President of the Virginia Municipal <br />League;and <br />WHEREAS,Harry J.Parrish has represented the citizens ofPrince William <br />County and the Cities of Manassas and Manassas Park as a member ofthe Virginia House of <br />Delegates since 1982;and <br />WHEREAS,the family ofHany J.Parrish has given three generations of <br />continuous public service and served as role models for our community and our Commonwealth; <br />and <br />WHEREAS,Mr.Parrish celebrates his 75th birthday on February 19,1997; <br />NOW,THEREFORE,BE IT RESOLVED the Prince William Board of <br />County Supervisors does commend and acknowledge Delegate Harry J.Parrish on his 75th <br />birthday and wish him and his family continued happiness and success.