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MOTION:MCQUIGG <br />SECOND:CADDIGAN <br />February 18,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Res,No,97-142 <br />RE:CALL FOR A PUBLIC HEARING TO CONSIDER AND SELECT AN <br />ALIGNMENT FOR THE FINAL DESIGN OF OLD BRIDGE ROAD <br />ACTION:APPROVED <br />WHEREAS,in November,1994,the citizens ofPrince William County <br />approved approximately $17.8 million in a bond referendum for road improvements countywide; <br />and <br />WHEREAS,approximately $698,536 of the approved funds have been <br />designated for widening Old Bridge Road from its intersection with Minnieville Road,Route <br />640 to just west ofthe intersection with Occoquan Road,Route 253;and <br />Plan;and <br />WHEREAS,Old Bridge Road is one of four priority projects in the Strategic <br />WHEREAS,an original design was prepared and approved by the County and <br />VDOT for construction;and <br />WHEREAS,the Board of County Supervisors requested that the approved <br />design be revised to minimize impact to certain adjacent property and to consider improving the <br />horizontal curve between Elysian Drive and Occoquan Road;and <br />WHEREAS,two revised alignments,Alignments A and B,attached,were <br />memhe~s-~ef-bOCA-PEbTatown meeting on September 30,1996 <br />PELT including t” <br />propertyies;and <br />WHEREAS,Alignment A was the preferred alignment by members of LOCA <br />of the citizens present including the owners ofthe affected <br />WHEREAS,Alignment A requires the least utility relocation and right-of way <br />acquisition and is the most feasible,and <br />WHEREAS,Alignment B requires the most utility relocation and right-of-way <br />acquisition and is the least feasible,and <br />prepared and presented to <br />for input;and