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February 18,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Ord,No,97-23 <br />Page Two <br />4.Motor vehicles shall not be parked or displayed in any outdoor area other than a paved, <br />designated parking space shown on the approved site plan.Vehicles parked outdoors shall <br />have all wheels in contact with a paved surface.The use of display ramps outdoors shall <br />be prohibited. <br />5.The outside storage or display of motor vehicle parts,tires,or other merchandise shall be <br />prohibited,except in an outside storage area that is paved and completely screened with an <br />opaque fence or wall that prohibits views of such areas from adjoining properties and <br />public rights-of-way. <br />6.Refuse storage and removal areas shall be completely screened with an opaque fence or <br />wall,including a gate,that prohibits views of such areas from adjoining properties and the <br />public rights-of-way.The gate shall remain closed when not accessing the refuse <br />containers. <br />7.The applicant shall install fire suppressant systems in all parts of the buildings in order to <br />defray impact of this development on Fire and Rescue Services. <br />8.The applicant shall provide a monetary contribution of $500.00 to Prince William County <br />at or before final site plan approval for purposes of monitoring and improving water <br />quality in the Flat Branch watershed. <br />9.All petroleum products,antifreeze,solvents,or other pollutants shall be properly disposed <br />of on a routine basis.All automotive fluids and waste products removed from vehicles will <br />be properly stored inside the building for appropriate disposal or recycling consistent with <br />the Fire Code.The discharge or disposal of said materials on-site or into the ground or <br />surface water shall be prohibited. <br />10.The applicant shall not store,sell,or dispense motor vehicle fuel or similar petroleum <br />products from the site. <br />11.The owner of the property shall prepare an emergency spill notification contingency plan <br />and shall have same approved by the Fire Marshal and posted on the premises before the <br />issuance of any occupancy permits.The owner/operator of the property shall be <br />responsible for notifying the Fire Marshal’s office immediately in the event of a spill of any <br />petroleum product or chemical waste on the property.The owner shall assume full <br />responsibility for the costs incurred in the cleanup of such spills.