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MOTION:THOMPSON February 18,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />SECOND:WILBOURN Ord,No,97-23 <br />RE:SPECIAL USE PERMIT #97-0018,BROWN’S USED CARS <br />(BRENTSVILLE MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT) <br />ACTION:APPROVED SUBJECT TO CONDITIONS <br />WHEREAS,this is an application for a special use permit to allow a motor <br />vehicle sales (limited),service,and repair facility,located on the southeast corner of the <br />intersection of Sudley Road and Sunnygate Drive,in the Brentsville MagisterialDistrict;and <br />WHEREAS,staff has reviewed the subject application and recommends <br />approval,subject to the conditions listed in the staff report prepared January 7,1997;and <br />WHEREAS,the Planning Commission held a public hearing on this item on <br />January 22,1997,and recommends approval,subject to amended conditions,as stated in Res, <br />No,97-014;and <br />WHEREAS,a public hearing,duly advertised in a local newspaper for a period <br />oftwo weeks,was held on February 18,1997,and interested citizens were heard;and <br />WHEREAS,general welfare and good zoning practice are served by the <br />approval ofthe application; <br />NOW,THEREFORE,BE IT ORDAINED that the Prince William Board of <br />County Supervisors does hereby approve Special Use Permit #97-0018,Brown’s Used Cars, <br />subject to the following conditions: <br />1.The site shall be developed and landscaped in substantial conformance with the Special <br />Use Permit General Development Plan (GDP)prepared by Greenhorne &O’Mara,Inc., <br />dated July 24,1996,and received by the Office ofPlanning on November 26,1996. <br />2.The use of the site for motor vehicle activities shall be limited to motor vehicle sales <br />(limited),motor vehicle leasing (limited),and motor vehicle repair (limited).An enclosed <br />self-service car wash shall be permitted within the footprint of the planned building.It <br />shall only be used for motor vehicles being sold or otherwise serviced concurrently at the <br />site.Motor vehicle repair shall only be conducted inside the seven service bays of the <br />building.Motor vehicle impoundment shall not be permitted.The area for outdoor motor <br />vehicle sales shall be limited to the area shown on the site plan for such use. <br />3.Storage of motor vehicles waiting repair shall be inside the building or in the parking lot <br />areas directly adjacent to the service bay area.Inoperable vehicles awaiting repair shall not <br />be parked or stored on the site for more than 14 days.