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February 18,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Ord,No.97-22 <br />Page Two <br />2.The use ofthe property shall be limited to retail motor vehicle fuel sales (maximum of four <br />multi-product dispensers plus two diesel pumps)and a quick-service food store with a <br />limited-service restaurant. <br />3.The quick-service food store/limited-service restaurant shall not exceed 2,160 square feet <br />in area.The limited-service restaurant shall have a maximum of five stools/seats located <br />near the deli/sales counter, <br />4.The owner/operator shall not conduct motor vehicle service or repair on the property. <br />5.The applicant shall contribute to Prince William County at the time of final site plan <br />approval the following monetary contributions: <br />a.$75.00 per acre for purposes of monitoring water quality;and, <br />b.$163.00 per vehicle fueling position for future bicycle trail and transit service <br />improvements along Lee Highway. <br />6.The applicant shall provide a water quality inlet or other water quality device on the <br />property which is acceptable to the Department of Public Works,Watershed Management. <br />Said water quality inlet shall be properly monitored and maintained on a regular basis as <br />determined by Watershed Management at the time of site plan approval. <br />7.All petroleum products,antifreeze,solvents,and other potential pollutants shall be <br />properly stored,maintained,and disposed of on a routine basis.The discharge or disposal <br />of said materials on-site or into ground or surface water shall be prohibited. <br />8.The owner/operator of the property shall prepare an emergency spill notification <br />contingency plan for review and approval by the Fire Marshal,and have the same posted <br />on the premises before issuance of any occupancy permits.The owner/operator shall be <br />responsible for notifying the Fire Marshal’s office immediately in the event of a spill of any <br />petroleum product or chemical waste on the property.The owner/operator shall assume <br />all responsibility for all public or private expenses incurred in the cleanup of a product spill <br />on the site,The applicant shall also notify the Health Department ofany spill and keep <br />them informed of remediation status.