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Attachment <br />February 18,1997 <br />Ord,No,97-20 <br />Proposed Section 13-320.1.Designation of Trailer “Restricted Parking”Zones <br />(a)The Board of County Supervisors may designate areas for restricted <br />parking upon any part of the secondary road system within the County if it determines, <br />upon receint of a petition addressed to the Sunervisor renresentin2 that Ma2isterial <br />District and sinned by a majority of the residents of Droperties alon2 that secondary <br />road and after a public hearing,that parking of trailers along that secondary road is <br />preventing,or would prevent,motor vehicles from parking along such secondary roads,or <br />that trailer parking along such road would unreasonably limit the access of motor vehicles <br />to parking along such roads, <br />(b)Each designation shall include the reason for the restriction,a description <br />of the area in which parking is restricted and the terms of such restriction, <br />Notwithstanding any restriction,a trailer connected to a motor vehicle designed for pulling <br />such trailer,and not otherwise prohibited from parking by section 13-327 of the County <br />Code,may park within a restricted area for up to forty-eight (48)hours. <br />(c)The provisions of sections 13-335,13-336,13-337,13-338 shall apply in <br />the enforcement of this section. <br />State Law Reference,Code ofVirginia 46.2-1220. <br />W:\rIxI\ParkGen2