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February 11,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Res,No,97-114 <br />Page Two <br />4.The Board of County Supervisors intends that adoption of this resolution shall constitute <br />“official intent”within the meaning of Treasury Regulations Section 1.150-2,promulgated <br />under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986,as amended, <br />5.The Board of County Supervisors hereby calls for a public hearing to consider the sale of <br />the Bonds to the VPSA in the amount not to exceed $19,900,00 to finance the Projects, <br />which public hearing shall be held on Tuesday,March 4,1997 at 2:00 p.m.,or as soon <br />thereafter as may be heard,in the Board chambers, <br />6.The Clerk to the Board of County Supervisors is directed to properly advertise notice of <br />the public hearing for the stated purpose in a newspaper having general circulation in <br />Prince William County. <br />7,This resolution shall take effect immediately. <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of County Supervisors of the <br />County of Prince William,Virginia does hereby amend the adopted FY 1997 -2002 Capital <br />Improvement Program to reflect the project changes identified below: <br />FY 1998 Costs <br />as included in the <br />FY 1997 Adopted CIP <br />FY 1998 Costs <br />as included in the <br />Amended FY 1997 CIP <br />Kingsbrook Elementary <br />appears in C~P as Linton <br />Hall Elem.) <br />Queen’s Chapel Elem. <br />(appears in CIP as <br />Delaney Rd.Elem.) <br />Middle School <br />New High School <br />(to be in County <br />G.O.Bond issuance) <br />$2,000,000 <br />1,600,000 <br />650,000 <br />2,900,000 <br />$10,300,000 <br />9,600,000 <br />0 <br />3,800,000 <br />Total $7,150,000 $23,700,000