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February 4,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Ord.No,97-16 <br />Page Two <br />1.The site,building architecture,and landscaping shall be developed in substantial confor- <br />mance with the General Development Plan and Landscaping Plan prepared by Bengston, <br />DeBell,&Elkin,LTD.dated August 20,1996,as amended November 20,1996,and <br />received by the Office ofPlanning on November 21,1996,and the building elevation plan <br />prepared by Gregory Construction Company,Inc.,dated September 24,1996,and received <br />by the Office ofPlanning on November 13,1996. <br />2.Directional signs shall be placed on-site to alert customers to one-way traffic movements and <br />to guide vehicles to the drive-through areas.In addition,the applicant will paint a stop sign <br />in front ofthe traffic aisle immediately south ofthe entrance to the drive through windows, <br />parallel and to the right of the landscaping aisle facing toward the main shopping center, <br />3.A maximum of four drive-through service lanes shall be permitted. <br />4.Vehicular access to the property shall be limited to the existing travelways within the <br />shopping center parking lot.No direct access to the site from Sudley Road will be <br />permitted. <br />5.Streamers,pennants,banners,balloons,garrison flags,figures,searchiights,posters,vehicle <br />and building window signs,and other temporary advertising shall be prohibited. <br />6.The applicant shall provide the following monetary contributions at the time of site plan <br />approval to mitigate impacts on County facilities and services: <br />a.$37.50 for purposes of monitoring water quality in the watershed; <br />b.$780 for future bike trail and transit improvements; <br />c.$780 for future roadway improvements,including a right-turn lane;and <br />d.$1,334.00 for fire and rescue services. <br />7.Parking lot lighting shall be compatible with the existing style of lighting on the site and shall <br />be shielded and directed downward on the site to minimize glare. <br />8.No refuse storage shall be permitted outside. <br />9.An additional [shopping center]freestanding sign shall be permitted and shall be located <br />within the special use permit area.Said sign shall measure not more than 8 feet by 5 feet and <br />shall be designed and constructed in substantial conformance with the sign plan received by <br />the Planning Office ofNovember 21,1996.