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January 21,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Ord,No.97-13 <br />Page Two <br />Area.”The portion ofthe Meadow Campground Setting Display Area within 125 feet of <br />the current right-of-way line for 1-66 shall be landscaped in accordance with that plan <br />entitled “Landscaping Plan,Meadow Campground -Display Area,Reines RV Center,” <br />prepared by Ross,France &Ratliff,Ltd.and dated January 16,1997 (the “Landscaping <br />Plan”).The maximum number of vehicles that may be located within this 125-foot area <br />and visible from L~66at any given time shall be 16.All other storage and display of RVs <br />on the site shall not be visible from 1-66.Vehicles displayed within said 125-foot area shall <br />consist of a variety of sizes and types and shall be dispersed throughout said display area <br />and not concentrated in a particular portion of said area.Vehicles displayed in said <br />setback area shall be subject to a setback from 1-66 in accordance with the “Variable <br />Setback Line”shown on the Landscaping Plan, <br />3.Landscaping for the portion ofthe property referenced in Condition #2 shall be provided in <br />substantial conformance with the Landscaping Plan.The applicant!owner is responsible <br />for the maintenance of all landscaping,including grass mowing and the replacement of <br />dead or diseased vegetation. <br />4.The applicant/owner shall not modify the existing grades along that line which is parallel to <br />and 125 feet from the current right-of-way for 1-66 so as to lower said grades,except as <br />may be necessary for construction of a storm water management pond in the location as <br />generally shown on the GDP.All excavation for such pond shall be kept to the minimum <br />necessary to accommodate construction of such pond.This condition shall not restrict or <br />preclude the ability ofthe applicant!owner to fill in order to raise the grade of any point <br />along such line. <br />5.All buildings constructed on the property shall utilize predominantly earthtone materials <br />and colors.Primary colors shall be avoided.In the event premanufactured or prefab- <br />ricated metal buildings are utilized on the property,the applicant!owner shall utilize <br />exterior finishing or “skin”materials on the north and west sides of the structures to <br />enhance the architectural “look”of such buildings.All parking areas,loading docks, <br />overhead doors,and refuse and storage areas shall be oriented and designed so they are <br />not visible from 1-66. <br />6.All buildings located on the special use permit site shall be sprinidered. <br />7.The use of the property,pursuant to this special use permit,shall be limited to a retail <br />motor vehicle sales (limited and recreational)facility consisting of the sale,rental,service, <br />and repair of new and used RVs such as motor homes,and nonmotorized travel trailers.