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January 21,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Ord,No,97-12 <br />Page Two <br />4.This special use permit shall not be valid until an occupancy permit has been obtained from <br />the Department ofPublic Works,Division ofBuilding Development. <br />5.The use of the site shall be limited to a religious institution and monastery with the following <br />restrictions. <br />(a)The maximum number of persons residing on-site shall be limited to four. <br />(b)Subject to the Department of Health certi!~’ingthe availability of appropriate well and <br />drainfield facilities,the maximum number ofvisitors permitted on the site in one day shall <br />be 35. <br />(c)Temporary Commercial Activity Permits shall be strictly prohibited at the subject site, <br />6.A minimum 50-foot-wide buffer shall be provided around the perimeter ofthe site.Said <br />buffer shall be planted in general accordance with the Design and Construction Standards <br />Manual (DC SM). <br />7.The exterior of all structures on the site shall be architecturally compatible with the existing <br />house on the site. <br />8.Outdoor storage shall be prohibited unless properly screened with an opaque fence or wall, <br />including a gate,that prohibits views of such areas from adjoining properties and the public <br />rights-of-way.The gate shall remain closed when not accessing the storage area. <br />9.The applicant shall provide a standard commercial entrance per the DCSM and Virginia <br />Department of Transportation (VDOT)standards. <br />10,The applicant shall dedicate up to 30 feet of right-of-way from center line along Kettle Run <br />Road. <br />11.All parking associated with the proposed use shall be accommodated on-site.Parking along <br />Kettle Run Drive shall be strictly prohibited. <br />12.All exterior lot lighting shall be limited to a maximum height of sixteen feet and shall be <br />shielded and directed downward on the site to minimize glare on adjacent properties and <br />public roads.