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January 21,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Ord No,97-11 <br />Page Two <br />WHEREAS,it is the intent of the Board to protect youth from corrupting <br />influences,to reduce juvenile related crime and to promote the public health,safety and welfare <br />during late night hours;and <br />WHEREAS,the Board conducted a public hearing on November 19,1996 to <br />receive public input on the proposed curfew ordinance;and <br />WHEREAS,the Board has conducted a further public hearing on January 21, <br />1997,to consider the adoption of the proposed curfew ordinance as revised,and after receiving <br />additional information on juvenile victimization and criminal activity by juveniles during curfew <br />hours; <br />NOW,THEREFORE,BE IT RESOLVED that the Prince William Board of <br />County Supervisors does hereby make the following legislative findings: <br />I.The Department ofJustice in 1995 reported that between the years of <br />1988 and 1991 there was a 38 percent increase in the rate ofjuvenile arrests for violent crimes. <br />2.In 1994,the Governor’s Commission on Violent Crime in Virginia <br />reported that,between the years of 1980 and 1992 in Virginia,the juvenile arrest rate for violent <br />crime increased by nearly 61 percent,the juvenile arrest rate for murder increased by almost 280 <br />percent,the juvenile arrest rate for robbery increased by about 47 percent and the juvenile arrest <br />rate for aggravated assault increased by almost 59 percent. <br />3.The number ofjuveniles out on the street late at night has increased in the <br />County over the past five years. <br />4.Juvenile crime increases substantially with age between ten years and <br />seventeen years of age. <br />5.In 1991,the County recorded 868 arrests ofjuveniles;in 1992,the <br />County recorded 1,058 arrests ofjuveniles;in 1993,the County recorded 1,289 arrests of <br />juveniles;in 1994,the County recorded 1,168 arrests ofjuveniles;and in 1995,the County <br />recorded 1,424 arrests ofjuveniles. <br />6.The number ofjuveniles arrested as a percentage of the total arrests in the <br />County increased from 7.6 percent in 1991 to 14.9 percent in 1995. <br />7.The number ofjuveniles arrested for violent crimes of murder,rape, <br />robbery and aggravated assault as a percentage ofthe total arrests for violent crime in the <br />County increased from 14.4 percent in 1991 to 31.7 percent in 1995.