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January 7,1997 <br />Regular Meeting <br />Ord,No.97-8 <br />Page Two <br />wide beyond the ultimate right-of-way and relocate signage 12 feet from the new <br />right-of-way line. <br />c.The subject site shall be limited to the outdoor storage of cars/trucks that will be <br />offered for sale,lease or rent,exclusive of employee and customer parking.All motor <br />vehicles shall not be parked or displayed in an area other than a paved,designated <br />parking space on the approved GDP,or within the indoor showroom,The parking of <br />vehicles shall not impair internal site traffic circulation.Vehicles parked outdoors shall <br />have all wheels in contact with a paved surface.The use of display ramps outdoors <br />shall be prohibited. <br />2.All buildings constructed on the property shall utilize predominantly earthtone materials and <br />colors.Primary colors shall be utilized only for building accents or signage. <br />3.The hours of operation for the motor vehicle sales use shall be between 9:00 a.m.and 9:00 <br />p.m.on weekdays and 9:00 a.m.and 6:00 p.m.on weekends.The hours of operation for <br />the service and parts department,body shop,and paint shop shall be between 7:00 a.m,and <br />5:30 p.m.,Monday through Saturday. <br />4.The use of the site for motor vehicle activities shall be limited to motor vehicle sales,motor <br />vehicle leasing/rental,and motor vehicle repair.The area for outdoor motor vehicle sales <br />shall be limited to the area shown on the GDP for such use.Recreational vehicle storage, <br />motor vehicle impoundment,and the outdoor storage of abandoned vehicles overnight shall <br />be strictly prohibited. <br />5.Motor vehicle repair shall only be conducted inside the 12 service bays ofthe building. <br />Buildings shall be oriented so that the service bays do not face Route 28.Storage of motor <br />vehicles awaiting repair shall be inside the building or in the designated paved parking lot <br />area directly adjacent to the service bay area.With the exception of interior vacuuming,the <br />service and maintenance of vehicles shall be performed entirely within a service bay. <br />Washing of vehicles shall be pennitted only inside a service bay.Wash water drainage shall <br />meet the pretreatment requirements of the Prince William County Service Authority. <br />6.The outside storage or display ofmotor vehicles in a visible state of disrepair,motor vehicle <br />parts,tires,automotive fluids,and waste products,or other merchandise shall be prohibited, <br />except in an outside storage area that is paved and completely screened with an opaque <br />fence or wall that prohibits views of such areas from adjoining properties and public streets. <br />7.Refuse storage and removal areas shall be completely screened with an opaque fence or <br />wall,including a gate,that prohibits views of such areas from adjoining properties and the <br />public rights-of-way.Associated gates shall remain closed when not accessing the refuse <br />containers. <br />8.All petroleum products,antifreeze,solvents,or other pollutants shall be properly disposed <br />of on a routine basis.All automotive fluids and waste products removed from vehicles will <br />be properly stored for appropriate disposal or recycling consistent with the Fire Code.The